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How to stream, store and retrieve data on X (Twitter)

Level required: Beginner
Andreas Neumeier
SPARTA | University of the German Federal Armed Forces
Jasmin Riedl
SPARTA | University of the German Federal Armed Forces
Wiebke Drews
SPARTA | University of the German Federal Armed Forces

Social media platforms have gained significant importance in recent years due to their extensive reach and high usage. They provide researchers in various fields with valuable insights into public, social, and political areas, making them an essential data source. When it comes to X (formerly Twitter) and its data gathering, specific features exist, which we discuss in the following documents.

The provided documents outline the management of X (Twitter) data and guide users through data streaming, storage, and retrieval.

The streaming-database document recommends methods for working with X (Twitter) streaming data and covers storage in both relational and non-relational databases.

The twitter-api page introduces the Python implementation of Twitter API v2 through the sparta-twitterapi package. The guide outlines the prerequisites for X (Twitter), including required software, tools, and developer credentials, and provides clear instructions on installing the Python package and completing initial authentication. Additionally, the document describes the available endpoints through the Python package.

The twitter-rules guide demonstrates how to utilize Xโ€™s API tools for searching and filtering. It assists users in conducting efficient searches and explains the operators and their functions.